Frequently Asked Questions

Keep Right Except To Pass

Q: Why is staying right important?
A: The left lane needs to be free for passing. When it’s not, it can cause congested traffic for miles behind and cause other drivers to resort to dangerously passing in the right lane.

Q: I’m going the speed limit, why should I get over?
A: The left lane is designed for passing. It should be left open for others to pass, while you drive the speed limit in the right lane.

Q: How can I get others to remember?
A: Just look at our logo. Red for driving in the left lane, yellow for middle lane, green for right lane!

Q: If someone is blocking the left lane for a while, what should I do?
A: Give them a gentle reminder honk or a quick high beam flash. Most people are simply unaware of their actions and will get over when they realize they are holding people up behind them.

Please note, being aggressive is not the answer. Make sure before trying the above that the person in front of you isn’t blocked by another vehicle or unable to get over at the moment. The objective is to get the driver in front of you to safely get over for you and others to pass. Not to cause road rage or dangerous passing incidents.

Q: How can I support Stay Right?
A: Most importantly you can lead by example. Drive in the right lane and pass in the left. Beyond that you can share our initiative with friends and family and support us on social media.

If you have other questions feel free to contact us!