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Get Off Your Phone

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Vehicles are no place to be using your phone!

Focus on your drive and leave the texts, snapchats, and photos for when you arrive at your destination.



Being on your phone impedes your ability to keep your eyes on the road, which is an incredibly dangerous safety hazard.
This allows for many events to occur, where you’re putting yourself, your passengers, to other cars, and nearby civilians at risk of harm.


Distracted driving leads to accidents. Texting and driving is
the cause of 1 out of 4 fatal accidents, according to the national safety counsel. This counsel also estimates that when taking your eyes off
the road for a mere 5 seconds is equ


It is illegal to text and drive. If you are seen doing said action by an officer of the law, you will be given a ticket.

States across the country have laws against using a phone while driving. Governments have passed these laws because of the inherent danger surrounding phone usage while driving.

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