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Keep Right Except To Pass

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We’re on a mission to get drivers out of the left lane.

There is a huge issue with drivers blocking the left lane and we need to raise awareness on the issue.

By keeping right except to pass, we hope to make driving safer and roads less congested.


Left Lane Drivers GIF


Vehicles driving in the left lane create a major safety issue. They don’t allow for other drivers to pass them safely. Other drivers resort to passing on the right, which is very dangerous and causes accidents. It also causes road rage incidents with other drivers.


Left land drivers cause huge amounts of traffic. One or two cars can make traffic backup for miles behind them. This congests drivers into one big pack of cars. One wrong move by any of them can cause a pileup of cars. Things flow much smoother if everyone stays to the right.


Just driving in the left lane is illegal in some way in almost every state across the country. Drivers need to Keep Right Except to Pass. We hope this type of legislation will be expanded, as well as enforced by law enforcement.

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