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Use Your Turn Signals

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Use Your Turn Signals Sign

Every time you are making a turn be sure to use your turn signals.

In parking lots, parking spots, changing lanes, even turning into your own driveway.

Large amounts of people how somehow forgot or simply don’t care to use turn signals anymore.

It’s extremely dangerous and needs more attention.



One of the primary reasons for using turn signals is to communicate your intentions to other drivers on the road. Signaling your turns or lane changes allows other drivers to anticipate your actions, reducing the risk of collisions and promoting overall road safety.

Clear Communication

Turn signals provide clear and unambiguous communication to other road users about your intended maneuvers. They serve as a universal language on the road, helping to establish predictability and coordination among drivers.

Courtesy and Respect

Utilizing turn signals demonstrates courtesy and respect for other drivers. By indicating your intentions in advance, you show consideration for their safety and facilitate smoother traffic flow. It’s a small action that contributes to a more harmonious driving experience for everyone.

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